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Rent a Range Rover HSE LWB from Prestige Luxury Rentals

When people think of a Range Rover, they usually think of a rugged 4WD vehicle that is not remarkably attractive. While the Range Rover Supercharged LWB is still a sturdy vehicle capable of driving off-road, it is actually a rather elegant looking machine as well. The smooth, yet sporty body design gives it a look that is similar to an overgrown luxury sport sedan. This feeling is further reinforced by exquisite, executive style heated seating that offers luxury and comfort for passengers that is usually only found in the top end town cars or limousines. All of this adds up to a surprisingly sporty and luxurious sport utility vehicle.

Perfect for Long Family Road Trips

When you and the family need to take a long road trip, Prestige Luxury Rentals has the perfect vehicle for you. The Range Rover Supercharged LWB 2016 comfortably seats up to five passengers, including driver, and offers a huge amount of rear cargo space. A built-in entertainment system will keep rear passengers, particularly children, entertained for hours without any effort from the driver. And as for the driver, a voice activated navigation system ensures that you will reach your destination quickly and easily. So take advantage of the delivery option at Prestige Luxury Rentals and rent a Range Rover HSE Long-Wheel Based for your next family trip.
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