• Mercedes Benz G550 Gwagon

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Mercedes Benz G550 Gwagon Rental

If you are looking for a SUV rental in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or Atlanta, and you need a vehicle that offers as many advantages off-road as it does on the road, then a Mercedes Benz G-Class G550 from Prestige Luxury Rentals should be the top car on your list. In terms of off-road action, the G-Class has 18 inch wheels, roughly a foot of road clearance, a 4-wheel electronic traction control system, and permanent all wheel drive. And should you decide to use the G-Class for urban driving instead, features like the rearview camera, parking assistance, and blind spot assistance will make city driving as enjoyable as possible. The V8 engine, heated seats, dual zone climate control, built-in navigation, and hands free Bluetooth receiver simply complete the package of excellence where ever you choose to drive it. This Mercedes Benz SUV definitely proves itself as a leader in its class.

The Perfect Vacation Rental Vehicle

When you rent a Mercedes Benz G550 Gwagon in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, or Tampa from Prestige Luxury Rentals, you are renting a vehicle that can adapt to any kind of vacation you want to go on. The large rear cargo area can easily store equipment like surfboards or bicycles if you want to enjoy and active vacation. It is also more than large enough for camping equipment, which fits perfectly with the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. Alternatively, if you are simply looking for a touring vehicle, you can still take advantage of the off-road capabilities for visiting a tourist spot like the Okefenokee National Wildlife Reserve, where you will also appreciate the height of the passenger cabin and the multitude of easily accessible windows. Simply put, no matter how you want to enjoy your Georgia or Florida family vacation, a Mercedes Benz G-Class G550 from Prestige Luxury Rentals is an excellent way to do so.
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